Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Daily - December 22nd Words & Photos

Despite Aiden still being sick, we started off our trip home with some fun.  This afternoon we headed to a local skating rink for some ice time with family and friends (we left Phea at home with my mom).  We had to make a quick trip to Canadian Tire to buy some new skates for me, and get all of our skates sharpened (bad idea - never get your skates sharpened by a machine!), and then it was off the rink.  Aiden had fun learning how to skate with Daddy, and Mommy had fun trying to remember!  haha!!

In the evening we got a bunch of family together to take pictures for my Nanna for Christmas.  This did NOT go as planned.  Most of the babies were miserable (tired, hungry, someone looked at them, someone didn't look at them, ... etc) and so this ended up just being a gathering for a good time.  We did manage to get a few ok pictures of our kids and family though.

After this we dropped our kids off with my parents and headed out for some appetizers and drinks with a few friends.  A jam packed day of fun!

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