Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Daily - December 20th Words & Photos

Christmas morning #1 for us today!  Santa visited us last night and brought the kids and mini piano and some fun instruments!  Both kids were very excited about the piano!  Mommy and Daddy also bought the kids a few things, including a little people princess castle for Phea and a tool bench for Aiden.  Mommy should have known better as she wasn't very in to princesses when she was little either, but Phea wanted very little to do with the princess castle and a whole lot to do with the tool bench!  Good thing big brother is a good sharer!!  The kids had a great morning opening presents, and spent the day playing with some of their new goodies.  I packed up all our stuff to head on our trip the next morning.  Poor Aiden is still sick, but he powered through today!  Such fun!

December Daily® is a December mini-album project devised by Ali Edwards with the simple goal of capturing the spirit of December via one story per day. Read more on her website here.

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