Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A New Obsession

It has taken over my free time.  I have been back into this hobby for several months now, and am excited to start sharing my creations here!  I am by no means an expert, have oodles to learn, and can only sometimes read a pattern (ha!), but I am sure am having fun as I go!

What I'm Currently Working On:

My first Ripple Blanket!  This has been both a fun and trying project.  The stitches and pattern themselves are very simple once you get the pattern down, however due to the size of the project it is quite time consuming.  My current status is shown at the bottom - about one third done the full size of the blanket.  I will post the final project when I am done!

Before beginning this project I read THESE TIPS
I also watched THIS VIDEO to see the building of the project in action.

I Am Using
Yarn - Red Heart Soft in Seafoam, Teal, Light Grey Heather, Guacamole, Dark Leaf
Hook - I/9 5.50mm

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Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous! Would love to see where you are at with it now



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