Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank Yous


It has been a busy weekend!  My husband and I stood up in a wedding on Saturday.  Two of our closest friends got married, and it was tooooo much fun!  We have known this couple since we all started high school together.  My husband and I started dating in high school, and all four of us went to the same university.  About half way through university we started to sense a little connection between our two friends and started concocting ways to get them together.  TOO FUN!  She was my roommate, he was my husbands it!  They both stood up in our wedding as well.  Anywhoo, we had a fantabulous time at their wedding on Saturday and have been resting up today (I am writing this Sunday night).  Here is a picture of me with the beautiful bride (we are a bit squinty in the sunlight - haha).

My friend has asked me if I would make their thank you cards for them (which I was excited to do).  She also asked me to make them a 'thank you' sign which they held up in a few of their pictures with the photographer.  These will go on the front of their cards (I think).  Too cute of an idea from someone who thinks she isn't very creative.  This is how the sign turned out...her colours were black with turquoise accents.  TOO FUN!!  I used my Cricut Jasmine Cartridge for the lettering.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to Momo over at Made by Momo.  She featured me on Friday as her 'Fave Friday blog' which was just too sweet of her!  THANKS MOMO!!!!!! 

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!  Ciao for now!



xosparklesxo said...

That looks really great!

Janis said...

Both of you look so beautiful!! And the thank you card is gorgeemousss!!!!!!

Liz said...

I love the Thank You sign for the photos... she had a great idea, and I love the way you did it!

JennyKozar said...

That is really pretty and yes Thank You Momo! I went and bought file folders today and really want to attempt your project.


Jenny Kozar

kozfam5 AT blogspot DOT com



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