Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cricut Discovery

I was fiddling with my Cricut DesignStudio Software today and made a fun discovery!  I was working with an image that had pieces I didn't want cut out.  Here is the image.  It is a scallop with holes in the center of each part (sort of like the threading water border punch).  I only wanted to use the scallop part of the image, without the holes.

If you select part of your image by clicking on it, it will turn red.

At this point you can right click (right button on your mouse) and a menu will pop up.  In this menu, select 'Hide Selected Contour'.

When you do this the portion of the image you want to hide will turn pink (hard to see in this image).

When you click a different part of the whole image, the hidden part will show as blue.

When you click the print preview (the eye) you can see that the hidden part will no longer be cut.

This was quite a fun discovery for me!  I knew that the Gypsy could do this, but I wasn't aware that the Cricut DesignStudio software had these capabilities! 

I hope this is helpful to some of you, and I am not just sharing commonly know info!


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