Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Daily - The 5th

Today was quite festive in our home!  After naps we dressed the kiddos and headed off to the mall to visit the Big Guy himself.  Santa photos are always a favourite for me, and the kids were so excited to see him while we made our way through the line!  We talked about how they would sit on his lap and the photographer would take a picture.  Everyone was thrilled.  Sophia even entertained the people behind us by lifting up her shirt and wiggling her belly at them (honestly, she has NEVER done this before...hillarious).  Soon there was only one person ahead of us, and the kids were watching Santa with so much anticipation!

And then, it was our turn.  Aiden climbed right up on to Santa's lap - no problem.  Sophia however, went stage 5 clinger on us and refused to even PRETEND to consider that she would ever sit on his lap in our wildest dreams and could we PLEASE get out of there immediately?!?!?  We made the best of the situation and took a family photo instead of one with just the kids.  Everyone left happy.  haha

After our pictures we stopped to watch the workers assembling the new Christmas tree for the mall.  They are just finishing renovations in the mall and this tree is making its first fun!

After a quick bite to eat we visited a few stores and discovered that a school choir had set up in the middle of the upper level and were singing Christmas carols.  Such an enjoyable experience!  We stayed for a few songs (Aiden didn't want to leave at all) and then made our way home.

When we got back to our neighbourhood we drove around and looked at the Christmas lights.  The kids were loving this.  So many blow up Frosty's in our neighbourhood! hahaha  Such a fun day!

Tonight's Christmas Movie - Sophia The First: Holiday in Enchancia

December Daily® is a December mini-album project devised by Ali Edwards with the simple goal of capturing the spirit of December via one story per day. Read more on her website here.

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