Monday, December 28, 2015

December Daily - The 16th

Today was a day of rest.  I woke up still feeing poorly and spent the majority of the morning resting in bed.  In the afternoon I felt a bit better so I got our Christmas cards in order to be sent out while watching a Christmas movie (Christmas with the Kranks and Jim Carey version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas).  This was a nice way to relax and still feel productive...I get stir crazy easily it seems.  haha

By the evening I still wasn't feeling amazing but with only a few days left before we head home for Christmas Break I wanted to do something festive with the kidlets.  So we decorated premade gingerbread cookies.  They had so much fun with this!  They each had their own little set of decorations and had a great time decorating, sampling, and then eating their cookies.  Just a little bit of festive fun to get our Christmas Spirit going! :)

Tonight's Christmas Movie - Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas (yes, again)

December Daily® is a December mini-album project devised by Ali Edwards with the simple goal of capturing the spirit of December via one story per day. Read more on her website here.

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