Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Daily - The 3rd

Today's story is about the arrival of our first Christmas card!  The kids and I go to the mailbox every day after daycare, and today we found a surprise waiting for us!  Our first card arrived from Auntie Tracey & Erica.  Aiden was super excited.  Sophia was impartial - hahaha .

Both enjoyed when I hung the card on our art wall.  We take down the regular art during the holidays and put up any Christmas art that the kids bring home, as well as all of our Christmas cards.  Such a festive and easy display!

Tonight's Christmas Movie - Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas (Huey Dewey & Louie Short, Goofy Short, Mickey Short)

December Daily® is a December mini-album project devised by Ali Edwards with the simple goal of capturing the spirit of December via one story per day. Read more on her website here.

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