Monday, August 17, 2015

WITL Day 1 - Monday August 17, 2015

Started the day with kiddos sleeping in - bonus. Kris woke up with the kids and I joined shortly after for breakfast. Sophia is feeling a bit ill so we had a chill morning of playing in the livingroom and watching Paw Patrol (her fave). After she went to sleep Aiden played with bubble wrap (apparently this is still as fun as I remembered it to be) and we watched Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure.

Next up, naps for Mommy and Aiden as well. I was not feeling great today, so ended up napping longer than both kids (bliss) and we spent the rest of the day doing lazy activities like colouring and watching tv. Probably too much tv, but thats ok. 

Aiden drew this picture and wrote his Daddy's name (looking off of where Kris had written it out for him). 

All in all, a slow and lazy day. Just what we needed today. 😊

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