Friday, August 21, 2015

WITL Day 3 - Wesnesday August 19, 2015

After some sitting around in the morning (honestly, this has become our favourite thing these rainy days), I had to work on a Workplace Health and Safety certification that was due for work.  Super fun times.  Kris tried to keep the kids occupied in the living room while I worked in the kitchen, but Sophia knew where I was and kept calling for me.  Eventually it was time for her nap and Aiden came to hang out with me and colour while I finished up my work. 

Next up, lunch - my favourite meal of the days these days.  Kielbasa, cheese, crackers and giardiniera ... mmmmmmm.  Aiden had the same, minus the giardiniera.

Going to get Soph in the morning or after her nap is a favourite part of my day.  She is just so happy to see us when we walk in the room.  She asks for the same things - choochies and fishies...haha.  She lays in bed and watches the fishes (a projection on the ceiling) while I change her.  Cuteness. 

Afternoon snacks, cute little toes, and more lazing around.

While Sophia was napping Aiden made himself a crown, and also made one for Soph.

In the afternoon Aiden 'read' a lego book and built the two toys in the book by himself.  Kris and I were quite impressed.

In the evening we went for dinner with Grama and Grampa and Uncle Paul (delish), and then I headed off to a SweetLegs party while Kris watched the kids.  I bought three pairs of leggings.  So unnecessary.  While I was gone Aiden spent his time drawing with Kris.  He is starting to get so creative.  Love it.

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