Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project Life - First Impressions

Project Life - so many fabulous ladies are doing fabulous things with Project Life that it is almost intimidating to get started on my own album!  Here are some thoughts I have on day one of starting to set things up:

(Links provided to Canadian and United States shopping sites.  For additional shopping options please go to the Becky Higgins Website for more information)

- I ordered the Cobalt Edition (CAN, USA the components come separately, CAN has this option as well), which was my favourite design, and it did NOT disappoint.  It is so fun and colourful!  Here is a sneak-peak of the cardstock to get an idea of the colours:
- Not a huge fan of the actual album, but I kind of suspected I wouldn't be when I ordered the package.  I think I will place an order for a basic album later in the year when I figure out what exactly I will need (depending on my dedication to album wonderfulness I may need more than one!)
- LOVE the quality of the papers and journalling cards.  They are a great thickness, but not so thick that they would be difficult to get in/out/layer in the protective pages.  The colours are also quite vibrant and festive, which I love.
- The quality of the protective pages is great!  I ordered the standard Design A pages (CAN, USA), the multi-pack (CAN, USA), and the 6x12 (CAN, USA).  I wish I would have ordered the 12x12 pages (CAN, USA), just for consistency in the page type within the album.  I also ordered the big envelope pages (CAN, USA) - they are AWESOME!  They are quite thick, which makes me feel they will be quite sturdy when holding larger quantities of items.  I have so many fun ideas for when baby comes to put these to use!!
- Overall, IN LOVE!!!

Initial Plan of Action
- It is my plan to run my week Sunday to Saturday.  This way I can spend my Sundays completing my weekly spread, as well as any other things I have to do around the home.  I accept that this might not always work out, but hopefully I can stay as best on top of things as I can.
- I have an extra weekly calendar that I hope to jot notes in as the week goes by.  This will be easy to refer back to when journalling time comes.
- I put all the weekly starter squares into the album, but don't know that I will keep them in that exact order - I do want them separated in a kind of 'random' order, so this was a good start.
- I made a journal card 'ring' where I have hooked on one of each type of journalling card, with the exception of the folding cards.  They are sorted by box colour for easy finding, which will give me a little bit more creative flexibility when I want to add my journalling cards.  I was going to just sort them randomly and place them in today so that each week I just had to pull out the cards I needed, but I noticed that some of the cards would apply specifically to special occasions throughout the year, and and I wanted to be able to add cards as I liked.  Just a personal preference.
- I am contemplating to a monthly overview page, or introduction page (12x12) at the beginning of each month, but don't know yet how I will incorporate that, or if I even will.  I like the idea, but don't like the part where I have to think about where to put it...haha.
- I also hope to upload my pages each week to share with the bloggy world as a way of sticking to my plan and staying on top of the pages.  Accountability.  I need some right now!! haha

Anyway, these are just some initial thoughts.  If any of you have done, or are planning to do Project Life this year, I would love to know what your favourite ideas, or words of advice are!!!  Talk soon!


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