Sunday, September 20, 2009

Video #4 - Paper Bag Mini Album

Hello! Today I have just a quick video demonstrating how to make a paper bag mini album. I came up with this quick idea because I LOVE the look of kraft cardstock, however I didn't want to make a minibook with thinner pages. The paper bags give the pages a thick, rustic look that I definitely LOVE! I haven't started decorating the book yet, however when I do I will post an updated video showing how it looks! I hope you like it!

What You Will Need For This Project:
- 5 to 6 lunch size paper bags (more or less as you choose)
- thick 2 way glue pen
- 12x12 piece kraft cardstock (or other colour of your choice)
- paper trimmer and scorer

Please leave a comment! I love to hear from you!!


rozzy said...

Thanks for sharing your video, I really enjoyed watching. I love making paper bag albums and its great to see how other's make theirs. i'm currently making a Christmas one using 'The Snowman' Papers and have made the spine in a concetina style, but I think I will have to try your way too.
the last one I made I stitched the spine with ribbon.. you can find it here I'd love it if you took a look.
hugs rozzy xx

rozzy said...

Oh Lisa, thank you so much for teh compliment.. I thought you were the expert as I just loved the way you bound yours... i would never have known that you hadnt made one before... I will send you likes of some of the others I have made.. they are not all on my blog here, I have one one too... I will add the links in another comment... will jsut go and find them on my blogs :) Its nice to be able to share. hugs rozzy xx

rozzy said...

I have also emailed this list to you as I think you may have to copy and paste these links... hope i have bored you, I don't normallt 'push' my work, but I do love making the Albums..
On Trimcraft I am registered as rozpoz, you can see my online gallery on there too.. I have all sorts of things.
I Moderate on teh Trimcarft that where I can usually be found most days :) when i'm not crafting of course :)
Hope you like them and thanks for looking
hugs rozzy xx (This album has been put into the gallery at under Trimcraft's blog

rozzy said...

ooohhh I'm soo sorry, the message should have read I hope I have NOT bored you... you may want to delete it :) I'm jsut emailing you the links as it will be quicker for you :)
hugs rozzy xx

francesca scrappy said...

love love love this paper album ! thank you so much for posting this video ! I really enjoyed watching !

Theresa said...

Hi Lisa,

How are you? Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I use a PC and I rarely have problems...not sure. I'd love to see this video. I had my 5th grade students make a paperbag scrapbook for their mothers for Mother's Day - they were awesome. I used those long two prong file holders to hold the pages together.

My sister's blog is come play with us this week. We have a great sponsor.

Talk soon.


sophiesmama said...

Lisa, I love this way of making a paper bag album, especially the cover. You are such a good teacher and give very easy to understand instructions! Can't wait to see the finished album! Great video...Hugs, Mary

Anonymous said...

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