Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Little Word 2013


I decided to participate in Ali Edward's One Little Word class this year.  I have been intrigued by it for a few years now, and finally decided to take the plunge!

I think I actually chose to participate because when I saw the advert for the class the word CHALLENGE immediately popped into my brain, and refused to leave - even after I signed up for the class.  Clearly this was the word I was meant to choose for 2013.  I was a bit hesitant...the word challenge has a lot of negative connotations and I wasn't looking to channel any of those into my year.  But I did realize that 2013 would come with many challenges, and I wanted to face them with an open mind and an open heart - and journalling 2013 with 'challenge' as my one little word was a good start.

I started by doing some investigating - I had seen people make dictionary, thesaurus and quote cards in previous years (maybe on Ali's blog? - I think they might have been part of the class) - so this is where I started.  I didn't write out the full definition or list of thesaurus words as many of them didn't apply to my view of the word at all.  However this is what I ended up with.

Title Page

And here are my January pages - love how they turned out!  I used some fonts I found online to create cards...a first for me...might have to do this more often!!  

January - Left Page

January - Right Page

i am really looking forward to where this class takes me, and am already loving how my word has incorporated itself into my life, and works so well with other classes (Move More, Eat Well 2.0, The History Project) and projects (Project Life, A's Baby Album) I am focussing on!



Clare Thomas said...

Great word!im taking the class too and chosen the word Inspire, still need to do my intentions for January, yours look great :-)

michelle said...

I'm loving this class. I'm a little nervous about the February prompt. Looking forward to keeping up with your progress.



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