Monday, January 25, 2010

Paper Bag Mini Album - Update


I posted a video awhile ago showing how I made my Paper Bag Mini album, and I said I would do another post when I actually finished the book.
WEEKS and WEEKS have passed, and I finally got around to doing some work on the album. I decided to use it as my 'Goals and Accomplishments' book for 2010, so it is actually STILL not completed, because I am leaving pages to actually do when I complete my goals! :) However I have done a few pages, so this is a little show and tell of those pages. As I complete more pages I will take pictures and post them!

Hope you enjoy!

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1 comment:

sophiesmama said...

Your album is going great Lisa! I love that you're using it everyday to record things in your everyday life, and also your goals and when you achieve them! It's a "working" album and much more special than one that just sits on a shelf. It's your life! Thanks for letting me take a peek!



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