Friday, January 15, 2010

My Supply Guide

Hey guys! Just a quick video on a project I have been working on here and there. This is a book I put together that will eventually include all of my supplies for quick reference. It is quite useful and a super time saver. Not my original idea - got the idea from Carmen at the forum. Hope you like it!

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Jessica said...

Hey Lisa, I found you over at Christina's blog and came over to check out your stamp storeage. Great idea. I have all mine in CD cases in a drawer. I've written on the end of the case what's in it or what the name of the set is. But I still have to leaf through them to find what I want. I had thought I might make a book of all the stamped images to make them easier to find. I wish I had the space for a CD rack. But I'm in a corner of the living room! Thanks for sharing your idea. I'm going to run over and check out Carmens idea too.

Anonymous said...

That was very informative and now I am inspired to do the same thing with all of my craft items! I love that you have included the punches, stickles and all of your craft items, not just the stamps. Thanks for showing the sample. The visuals really help!




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