Sunday, September 6, 2015

WITL Day 4 - Thursday August 20, 2015

Today is all about forgetting to take pictures...

We had a rushed morning as we all woke up late, scrambled for breakfast, and then headed off with the kiddos in tow to the local historical plane museum.  Both love planes and neither had been to this museum before, so we had a lot of fun.  There are a few planes you can climb into, which they LOVED, and in one Soph was at the wheel and Aiden started flipping switches and gears and shouted, 'OK Sophia, I'll get you ready for takeoff!'  Where does he learn these things?

After a quick lunch it was nap time for everyone again while Kris tried to do some work.  This was hindered by the fact that Aiden did not WANT to take a nap, and I was unhelpful because I was already napping.  In the end Kris settled for Aiden relaxing on the couch watching a movie while he finished up what he had to do.

In the evening we went to Nanna and Nonno's house for pizza and wings with our cousins.  We are heading back home in a few days and wanted to share one last meal with them before we left.

After dinner we relaxed around the house, colouring and playing with play doh.  These activities have become a standard this week as it has been so rainy and dreary outside.  Normally we are outside playing.

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