Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hello! I am having a lazy day today. My hubs and I went to visit some friends out of town yesterday, and now we are both recouping from the excessive amounts of food we ate, not to mention the later than usual night we had!

I am thinking I am going to start organizing all of my wedding pictures from the many many friends who got married over the summer. I must start scrapbooking these or it will never get done. We had 6 weddings this summer, plus I still have to finish a wedding from last summer, not to mention my own wedding album. I got kind of demotivated doing my own wedding book because I did it colour themed to our wedding colours. There are only so many ways you can find brown and green inspiring, so I have left that alone for awhile. I am hoping after I finish all of the other wedding pages I will come up with some fresh layout ideas that I can use in my own book!

Also, just wanted to share some pics of our 'view' from our balcony. Toronto may be filled with oodles, of buildings, but there are some trees outside our building that are showing their gorgeous fall colours! (OK, they have NOTHING on my backyard from back home...but I love fall colours, and at least these ARE beautiful!) :)

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Janis said...

I LOVE these pictures!!



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